aegee-calGenerate iCalendar files from AEGEE events4 hourssummarylogtree
aegee-ldapRun OpenLDAP server with bodies and members5 hourssummarylogtree
ical.jsFixes for the original ical.js: UTF-8 characters, recurrences3 hourssummarylogtree
vdirsyncerExtends vdirsyncer to automatically create and remove collection, when these act...4 hourssummarylogtree
Global Mail
OpenDKIMOpenDKIM, copy of hourssummarylogtree
OpenDMARCOpenDMARC, copy of hourssummarylogtree
Mail Team
aegee-milterApplies per recipient mail filtering rules4 hourssummarylogtree
liblistservC library for communication over TCP with Listserv4 hourssummarylogtree
listserv-utilsListserv Utilities4 hourssummarylogtree
mailing-lists-sieveUploads Sieve scripts for Listserv mailing lists3 hourssummarylogtree
newpost2mailSend emails from AEGEE forum to a mailing list5 hourssummarylogtree
post-listserv-milterMilter for fixing CC: and To: headers to emails leaving Listserv5 hourssummarylogtree