AEGEE Eastern Partnership Program

AEGEE-Europe / European Students’ Forum has always played a vital role in the European integration process on the non-governmental level and advocated for youth in order to provide it with the best opportunities. Taking this mission into account, we believe that creation of a project regarding the Eastern Partnership is its immensely important and valuable expression. We are certain that adding a youth perspective to the Eastern Partnership initiative of the European Union is a significant contribution to the establishment of a united European society.

EU assistance to Georgia is increasing!!

The disbursement decided today is part of the EU’s long-standing support to Georgia and its citizens. On the back of successful completion of critical reform commitments and improved stability, but at a time when our partner continues to face a challenging balance-of-payments and fiscal situation, the EU’s assistance will help alleviate Georgia’s short-term financing needs.   It will also support… Read more →

Election Observation in Armenia – Learning to Deal with Frustration

On 2  April 2017, Armenians were called to the polls to elect a new parliament. Although “new” is not entirely right, because the ruling party, Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), won the absolute majority and was reconfirmed after two decades in power. They just did a good job for the country? Not exactly, at least when you look at the… Read more →

Interview with Tarlev Vasile from AEGEE-CHISINAU

Did you ever wonder where Chisinau is, in which country it is and how its relations with the EU are? We asked to Tarlev Vasile of AEGEE-CHISINAU to know more about their country!!   -How would you describe the democratic progress in your country? (independent press, rule of law, rights of minorities) +EU-Moldova relations have deepened as a result of… Read more →

Crackdown in Belarus, the EU at Splitting Pathways

Months long protests lead to escalation In the EaP March report on the situation in Belarus, the high tensions and widespread dissatisfaction in the general population of Belarus was pointed out. Since then the situation grew more complicated and explosive, culminating in the internationally reported Freedom Day protest on March, 25th. Those gatherings, happening not only in Minsk but all… Read more →