AEGEE Eastern Partnership Plus Project

AEGEE-Europe / European Students’ Forum has always played a vital role in the European integration process on the non-governmental level and advocated for youth in order to provide it with the best opportunities. Taking this mission into account, we believe that creation of a project regarding the Eastern Partnership is its immensely important and valuable expression. We are certain that adding a youth perspective to the Eastern Partnership initiative of the European Union is a significant contribution to the establishment of a united European society.

Benni’s journey from Aachen to Tbilisi

Hello Benni, first of all thank you very much for taking the time and speaking to us. Please tell us first – who are you? Hey Guys, I am a longterm AEGEE (Gold)member from Aachen, Germany and friend of the EaP Project. I m living in Tbilisi, Georgia for 1 year now. And 1 year ago I also gave you… Read more →

Interview with Zmicer Herylovich from RADA

1.Hello Zmicer, thank you first of all very much for having the time to speak with us. Maybe first of all to you – Who are you? What are you doing and where are you from? My name is Zmicer Herylovich and I’m a Chairperson of the Board in Belarusian National Youth Council ‘RADA’. In a long list of my… Read more →

Ali’s travel report from the EaP countries

Leave your comfort zone, have a road trip and become a different person. Yes, it is a fact. Right now I can’t leave my comfort zone because of Covid19 but there are so many times that I left my comfort zone and had a road trip and realized so many new things. For instance, I had a road trip between… Read more →

AEGEE-Mannheim hosts a Ukrainian Country Evening

Why a Ukrainian evening in a German antenna? AEGEE-Mannheim has decided to organize an intercultural evening with the focus on Ukraine. Why did they do that? The reason is pretty obvious: they have 5 people from Ukraine in their antenna and not showing what Ukraine looks and feels like would be a crime. They have started by setting out the… Read more →

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