Eastern Partnership Action Day in Passau

23.11.11 AEGEE-Passau organised EaP Action Day, dedicated to Belarus issue. Elina Aksionova, a member from Minsk, has prepared the presentation about her country. There were about 35 members of AEGEE-Passau who came to the event.

Attendants were interested in knowing the culture and language. There was an interactive multiple choice surveys about the political system, history, life standards, minimum and medium incomes and price of the food and 1-week holiday. Special attention was paid to current political situation in the country which causes limitations to youth NGOs and democratic freedoms. During the presentation the differences between Belarusian and Russian languages were cleared. It was a fun to disapprove the fact that Belorussia was a part of the Roman Empire.

Cultural part of the Action Day was presented with tasting delicious Belorussian “bliny” (pancakes), listening to typical songs played through a Belorussian ‘Facebook’ which was impressive because it’s possible to find any Belorussian song, video or film you want (what is not typical to Germany because of music copyrights).

More photos can be found here.

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Action Day in Passau

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