Courageous and Active Youth

To be active and to stand up for their views, was noted as the most important thing about youth by the Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan in his speech at the youth assembly of the 16th congress of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA). Nearly 300 members of the party’s youth organisation took part at the meeting. The President, further stressed the importance of such conferences and exchanges on various issues to keep abreast with the society. In his speech he mentioned that he realized that youth can unite, find common interests and try to solve problems more easily. He welcomed constitutional, systematic and structural reforms, which raised the efficiency level of the government, but stressed the need for an increasing efficiency and serious changes to be able to ensure this situation. According to Sargsyan these changes can only be successfully implemented in cooperation with an active youth participation, their vigor and courage.

Furthermore, the government continuously launches specific strategies for youth policies and youth participation, such as the Strategy for State Youth Policy in 2012, which builds on the Conception of State Youth Policy from 1998. The strategies mostly prioritise participation, employment, social and economic issues or the reinforcement of a healthy lifestyle.

The implemented reforms already show their efficiency: the youth unemployment rate decreased enormously since 2008, the net enrolment rate of young people constitutes 82,70% and the Youth Development Index is 0.69 – Armenia is ranked 66 out of 170 countries.

The youth organisation of the RPA is part of the National Youth Council of Armenia, which comprises more than 70 youth organisations and is a platform of communication as well as cooperation on the one side and of expressing thoughts and opinions on the other side. The Council aims at protecting the interests of youth. Since 2002 the Armenian Youth Council is a full member of the European Youth Forum.

The youth organisation of the party was established in 1991 and focuses on spreading the ideology of the RPA, military-patriotic education of young people, the protection of interests and resolution of problems of youth as well as students, support to the formation of a democratic, civil and national society and cooperating with other youth organisations.

Despite the positive development  of youth participation in Armenia, a structured and periodical mechanism of its evaluation and assessments has to be developed. Additionally, an increasing politicisation of youth policy took place so that a tendency occurred to give a political colour to youth policy. Traditionally, it´s mostly non-partisan securing it from political changes.

Nevertheless, an active and engaged youth participates in politics in Armenia.




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