Interview with Tarlev Vasile from AEGEE-CHISINAU

Did you ever wonder where Chisinau is, in which country it is and how its relations with the EU are?

We asked to Tarlev Vasile of AEGEE-CHISINAU to know more about their country!!


-How would you describe the democratic progress in your country? (independent press, rule of law,

rights of minorities)

+EU-Moldova relations have deepened as a result of the Eastern Partnership and the latest government

changes. As a result, comparing to other countries which are confronting with the same geopolitical or

economic problems as Republic of Moldova, a democratic progress is visible. Moreover, Moldova has been

applauded for its reforms and activism in EaP. The latest institutional reform is the country’s efforts to

continue fighting corruption, strengthening of the investment climate and aiming to satisfy the appliance of

European principles. The democratic progress is also visible in the media. The press is still a decisional

factor in our country, as its remain the principal opinion maker. Like in most of the countries there will

always be media channels influenced by some political parties/personalities or independent media

channels, as they like to call themselves. In any case, the society has to remain aware that media will

always be a subjective point of view with a large range of interpretation.


-Do you get a good civic education at school?

+Civic Education in Moldova is realized through a great diversity of structures, forms, contents and

educational technologies. Even though the civic engagement among youth started after the state became

Independent, with the first NGO’s being registered, just only in the latest period the civic education is

becoming more and more effective. The share of registered students to civic education activities or

institutions, such as non-governmental organization, according to the age levels is very close to the existing

one in the neighboring countries.


-Is your AEGEE-local supported by the government or local institutions? If yes, which kind?

+Our local Antenna is supported by the Government, through the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education,

Ministry of Agriculture. Also other institutions which are helping us in our activities are local Universities,

libraries or private companies.


-Is it easy for you to travel to the EU?

+Thanks to the Association Agreement between Moldova and European Union, it is easier for citizens of

Republic of Moldova to travel to Europe, as we have visa-free for most of the European countries. One

problem would be the difference of prices for transportation of any kind.


-Are you planning any events related to the topic of democratic process?

+Most of our activities are related with promoting European values and principles. We are now working with

the European Delegation to Republic of Moldova for a project which we will announce soon.


-Last but not least a little space to promote AEGEE-CHISINAU next events!!

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