AEGEE-Mannheim hosts a Ukrainian Country Evening

Why a Ukrainian evening in a German antenna? AEGEE-Mannheim has decided to organize an intercultural evening with the focus on Ukraine. Why did they do that? The reason is pretty obvious: they have 5 people from Ukraine in their antenna and not showing what Ukraine looks and feels like would be a crime.

They have started by setting out the beloved Facebook event two weeks ahead of the event, so it would have enough exposure among the students of the University of Mannheim and other potentially interested people. All in all, they ended up hosting around 35-40 people at their event. AEGEE-Mannheim spent a couple of days on discussing and shaping their agenda, buying necessary ingredients to prepare national dishes. They enjoyed the preparation time and they were imagining that people would love their event.

To present the full picture of Ukraine, the team has decided to show it from different perspectives: from historical overview to the fun-facts and crisping it up with business perspective.

“We initiated our “performance” with a simple question: what do people actually know about Ukraine? We were astounded, that there was either a lack of knowledge or it was too specific. So even if you think some information is too basic – think twice. Reshape basic facts and must-know things about your country and introduce them in a playful and interactive matter.

The team used the online app Kahoot to create an interactive quiz about Ukraine, which was surely a success. After that they have had 25-30 minutes break to let people try national Ukranian food, sweets and socialize. After a break, the team has presented Ukraine from the touristic perspective by showing the places worth visiting and possible ways to get there. “It is crucial to deliver all the needed information to people, so they can easily go and book the tickets to your country right away after the event.” They have wrapped up the evening by teaching their guests some basics of the Ukrainian language. “We used some hilarious phrases, which are at the same time are useful in daily life. We had a lot of fun! So now, if they would like to order some good food or drink, and something is missing from the menu, or a guy would like to ask the girl out and she refuses the invitation, people can express their dissatisfaction”.

The organizers also wanted to present the country from a business perspective. “We wanted to show that our country is not only about food, traditions and sightseeing places”.

“Last, but not the least, while presenting your country, make other people deep dive into the country by showing some breathtaking taking videos about nature and unique stories of local people. You can also fuel the interest by telling your personal touchy stories about special places you love and value. It is much easier to do the event, as it sounds. All you need is a bit of creativity and other like-minded people to help you.”

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