AEGEE-Europe / European Students’ Forum has always played a vital role in the European integration process on the non-governmental level and advocated for youth in order to provide it with the best opportunities. Taking this mission into account, we believe that creation of a project regarding the Eastern Partnership is its immensely important and valuable expression. We are certain that adding a youth perspective to the Eastern Partnership initiative of the European Union is a significant contribution to the establishment of a united European society.

AEGEE Eastern Partnership Project derives from the success of the first phase of the project of that name. Recognising the project’s achievements and being aware of the need to work further in the already established direction, we express our wish to continue this unique initiative. AEGEE Eastern Partnership Project is an undertaking created out of commitment of young Europeans who are aware of the importance of the international context of youth work and of the necessity to provide young people with opportunities to experience a cultural diversity in terms of creating friendship and positive encounter with other cultures.

Working in the same direction as the European Union, within the framework of the Eastern Partnership Programme, presents us with possibility to coordinate the project’s activities with a broader, political initiative. Via cooperation with our Network, governments and non-governmental organisations we believe we can influence the increase of youth power in target societies and bring positive changes in establishing a strong civil society sector.