Mission & Objectives

In order to foster the inclusion of non-EU regions in the European identity of AEGEE and the European family, we are determined to establish a full and enhanced common identity that goes beyond the EU and covers the EaP states and Russia, promoting cultural bridging and mutual understanding, human development and common heritage, based on the values of democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms in pursuit of a cooperative and peaceful future.

#Mission 1 – Cultural bridging & Mutual understanding

  • Providing essential information and expertise to AEGEEans and wider public about the situation in the EU, the EaP countries and Russia.
  • Promoting tolerance, common heritage and shared identity in AEGEE through the creation of unifying experiences

#Mission 2 – Social inclusion & Human development

  • Training and increasing the capacities and competences and self-efficacy of young people to become socially and politically engaged and provide them with the tools to influence the situation in their home countries.
  • Encouraging and providing of educational and professional opportunities for the young people.
  • Strengthening of regional identity specifically focused on the inclusion of remote areas in appliance of the European Union policy towards the Eastern Partnership

#Mission 3 – Connectinity and Youth participation

  • Facilitation of free visa for youth, especially the students and youth workers.
  • Recognition of the role that the youth participation has in shaping a truly democratic society and the importance of the further integration of the Eastern Partnership States and Russia in the European family.
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