Benni’s journey from Aachen to Tbilisi

Hello Benni, first of all thank you very much for taking the time and speaking to us. Please tell us first – who are you? Hey Guys, I am a longterm AEGEE (Gold)member from Aachen, Germany and friend of the EaP Project. I m living in Tbilisi, Georgia for 1 year now. And 1 year ago I also gave you… Read more →

Interview with Zmicer Herylovich from RADA

1.Hello Zmicer, thank you first of all very much for having the time to speak with us. Maybe first of all to you – Who are you? What are you doing and where are you from? My name is Zmicer Herylovich and I’m a Chairperson of the Board in Belarusian National Youth Council ‘RADA’. In a long list of my… Read more →

Ali’s travel report from the EaP countries

Leave your comfort zone, have a road trip and become a different person. Yes, it is a fact. Right now I can’t leave my comfort zone because of Covid19 but there are so many times that I left my comfort zone and had a road trip and realized so many new things. For instance, I had a road trip between… Read more →

AEGEE-Mannheim hosts a Ukrainian Country Evening

Why a Ukrainian evening in a German antenna? AEGEE-Mannheim has decided to organize an intercultural evening with the focus on Ukraine. Why did they do that? The reason is pretty obvious: they have 5 people from Ukraine in their antenna and not showing what Ukraine looks and feels like would be a crime. They have started by setting out the… Read more →

Rap and Politics: How a subculture can influence a society

Currently in many countries, specifically in the European neighbourhood, subcultures stand up as means to express critical opinions and to deliver certain information. They start to replace the usual media which due to different circumstances don’t deliver those messages to the public. But also the target group which is reached with this message changes. Young people, often coming from all… Read more →

AGORA YEREVAN 2020: The last station of a ‘Dream Express’

AEGEE-Yerevan made history in 2018 by hosting the European Planning meeting of AEGEE-Europe. It was AEGEE’s first ever statutory event hosted in the South Caucasus region. One year after the huge success, AEGEE-Yerevan team didn’t stop. They wanted to arrive at the last station of the AEGEE-Europe’s ‘Dream Express’ and bring Agora to Yerevan. And they did it. It is… Read more →

A GROWING PROBLEM: Drug Abuse in Russia

 For most of the people in the world, it is common that Russia has a significant problem about alcoholism. According to a research, there are 2.2 million alcoholics, 700.000 alcohol related-deaths, 160.000 diagnosed with psychosis. Drug abuse is nearly same level with alcoholism. It is a growing problem for Russia. National Institute on Drug Abuse says that “some researches estimate… Read more →

Promoting intercultural dialogue in Ukraine

Dear Iryna, thank you very much for taking your time to reply to some of our questions. We really appreciate it. First please introduce yourself: Who are you, What are you doing and where are you active in? I am Iryna Gorlach, GoCamp project manager in GoGlobal initiative by Global Office. Since Revolution of Dignity in 2014 I have been… Read more →

German man in Armenia

Hello Ricardo, first of all thank you very much for taking your time to speak with us today, That’s really great! First some information about you: Who are you and what are you aiming at currently? I am student at the Free University of Berlin and do my Master’s in East European Studies, focusing on Economics. Besides that, I am active… Read more →

Diversity in Russia – Tatarstan

In the framework of our project dedicated to ethnicity in Russia, we are conducting several interviews with young people from different regions and asking them about their habits, their culture and the issues they might be face sometimes. We are glad to introduce you Tansu, a Tatar student from Kazan but also an AEGEE member. Thank you very much Tansu for taking the time to… Read more →

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