An interview with AEGEE-Tbilisi

Did you ever wonder where Tbilisi is, in which country it is and how its relations with the EU are? We asked the Vice-President of AEGEE-Tbilisi, Maryam Mumladze!   How would you describe the democratic progress in your country? (independent press, rule of law, rights of minorities) As Georgia is the developing country, a lot of changes happens in a… Read more →

Between the EAEU and the EU

36% out of 1145 Armenians perceive the EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union – comprising Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia) a more preferable path of integration for Armenia, whereas 27,2% support the EU and 21,7% argue that Armenia should not take part at the integration process. This was the outcome of an opinion poll conducted by the Armenian representation of the… Read more →

6 000 000th lucky tourist

Georgia prepared a special surprise for the 6 millionth tourist who entered the country in 2016. Jesper Black is a young journalist from the Netherlands, who loves to travel and to capture his journey across the world. He found out about Georgia, when he was active in an international student organization and showed students from abroad around. Ninutsa from Georgia… Read more →

Unemployment: Belarusian Style

While in most European states recently unemployed are provided with financial and educational support for the purposes of a successful transition to a new workplace, Alexandr Lukashenka, the long time president of Belarus, took a different approach. As Belarus fell into recession in 2015, following the economical struggles in both Russia and Ukraine, its biggest trading partners, he issued his… Read more →

Path or Platform? Attempts for peace-building actions!

Each “frozen” conflict has its own peculiarities, said OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier few days ago during the conference ‘’Europe Under Pressure’’, and clearly he wanted to remind that the world should never forget about them. Last November, Baku hosted an international conference with the participation of Armenian human rights activists and NGO leaders for the first time in the… Read more →

Boosting cultural and educational life

In a little village in Tavush province in Armenia, called Choratan, social and cultural life is well-developed and plays a key role. Since the town is located close to the Azerbaijani border, it is from time to time in crosshairs between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces. Responsible for the lively social-cultural activities is the “Mkhitar youth centre”, which was founded in… Read more →

EU grants visa free travel to Georgia

“Congratulations! This is a truly Historic Day! Thank you, EU Parliament for granting visa free travel to citizens of Georgia!”, was twittered by the Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikashvili regarding the decision on Georgia’s visa liberalization. On 2nd of February the European Parliament adopted the proposal on visa liberalization for Georgia, which will enable biometric passport holders to enter… Read more →

Moldova: Looking for a new direction!

On February 7th, the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, made his second official visit, after Moscow,  to the European Union institutions and he had several meeting with EU officials. That is an important step for the EU-Moldova relations, since people expressed their concerns about the strong will of the new President to improve Chisinau’s relations with Moscow, considering that he suggested during… Read more →

Belarus & Russia – An insight into the love-hate-relationship of two post-soviet brothers

Since the politico-economic Union between Belarus and Russia was adopted in 2000, both countries have been entertaining close political, economic and cultural ties. But lately the dispute over oil and gas deliveries and other issues between the two post-soviet brothers, mostly caused by Belarus´s political and economic approach to the European Union, has been escalating into a trade war, causing… Read more →

Can EU act upon Ukraine’s « Alternative Peace » ?

Although the conflict disappeared more and more from the Western media, the fight hadn’t really stopped since the ceasefire decided in Minsk in February 2015, as illustrated by the OSCE which reports it has been violated thousands of times. However, 10 days ago, the low-level fighting unexpectedly escalated on the Eastern border of Ukraine bringing the hope to reach peace… Read more →

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