A GROWING PROBLEM: Drug Abuse in Russia

 For most of the people in the world, it is common that Russia has a significant problem about alcoholism. According to a research, there are 2.2 million alcoholics, 700.000 alcohol related-deaths, 160.000 diagnosed with psychosis. Drug abuse is nearly same level with alcoholism. It is a growing problem for Russia. National Institute on Drug Abuse says that “some researches estimate… Read more →

Moldova – Front-runner in the Eastern Partnership?

Many reports, such as the Eastern Partnership Index 2014, define Moldova as leader among the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries. Moldova has higher standards in human rights and political freedoms, launched economic reforms and has recently elected a new pro-European government. The visa-free regime and Association Agreement with the EU are important indicators for its development towards the West. On the… Read more →

New ENP Commissioner Hahn announces support to Armenia

On November 3rd, the first working day of new European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and Enlargement Negotiations Commissioner Johannes Hahn, an important move towards a closer partnership between the European Union and Armenia has been taken. Hahn and Armenian Minister of Economy, Karen Chshmarityan, met in Brussels in order to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), an agreement to expresses a… Read more →

Georgia: Approval to start the second phase of the Visa Liberalisation Action Plan

At the 29th of October the European Commission adopted a second progress report on the implementation by Georgia of the Visa Liberalisation Action Plan (VLAP), since it completed the requirements of the first phase- legislative and policy framework-, which included amongst others ensuring the integrity and security of the civil status and civil registration process, issuing biometric passports, readable by… Read more →

The Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine

The parliamentary elections on following Sunday, October 26, President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk have held preliminary power-sharing talks. It’s been decided to form a coalition and build a new government as fast as possible. Even though not all the votes have been counted yet, the pro-Europe forces can hail a victory. According to early figures from the… Read more →

Rising Ukraine

Last November on the Independence Square (Maidan) in Kiev, the protests began further to President Viktor Yanukovitch since his decision to suspend the signature of the Association Agreement (AA) with the European Union (EU), a political and economic/trade partnership. Nonetheless, what began as pro-EU demonstrations (‘Euromaidan’) recently took a completely different turn. To stop the demonstrations and rallies, the Parliament… Read more →

Eastern Partnership Summit Vilnius 2013. Analysis.

Eastern Partnership Summits are held every two years (the first two took place in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2009; and in Warsaw, Poland, in 2011). During these meetings the course of the Eastern Partnership is discussed, the objectives for the next two years are determined, and the prospects for the future are drawn. The results of the meeting are reflected… Read more →

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