Conflict Resolution and AEGEE

We are proud to present the Eastern Partnership Project Team! It might be interesting to know that we have 25 people from 16 different countries in our team. This is a great example of a successful implementation of the Bridging Europe Focus Area.

These creative and positive team members are working on the three main thematic pillars of the project:

  • Youth Mobility in Education
  • Conflicts Resolution
  • Active Citizenship

We would like to introduce the  Conflicts Resolution pillar members. We will explain what they do exactly you so you can get a better understanding of their tasks. As there are so-called frozen conflicts in the Caucasus region, the interaction level between young people from conflict sides is very low. That is why our Conflict Resolution pillar aims at bringing young people from conflict zones together to make them understand the other side. For this very reason, cultural exchange projects are intended to promote mutual understanding and peace.

There are six people working on this pillar and the coordinator is Armenak Minasyanc from AEGEE-Yerevan. Armenak has got MA degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. In AEGEE he started off as External Relations Responsible of AEGEE-Yerevan, then IPWG Secretary and he now holds the post of President of AEGEE-Yerevan. Armenak aims at boosting cooperation between the societies and particularly the youth of the EaP states and EU member states and to overcome existing difficulties between the EaP member states.

Life motto: Not the best, but the greatest!

Hobbies: Tennis, Basketball and Manchester United
Interesting fact: Armenak not only likes talking too much, but also manages for his long speeches to be listened to and to be taken into account.

Anne Stikkers has been a member of AEGEE Groningen for three years and holds the position of treasurer of the local Culture Committee. Anne has a Bachelor in International Relations and a Bachelor in Middle Eastern Studies. She has attended Agora Leiden last year. In the Eastern Partnership Project, Anne takes is the Action Day Coordinator for the Conflict Resolution pillar. Her main ambition is to make as many young people as possible aware of the remaining conflict problems in the EaP countries. She hopes that young people from the EaP region will reach mutual understanding, acceptance, and a lasting peace.

Life motto: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’ (by Margaret Mead)

Hobbies: playing the violin, sports, dancing, and spending time with friends and family.
Interesting fact: Anne’s pretty good at listening to people, understand them, and, when in conflict, bringing them together again.

Bahar Özakıncı is in AEGEE since 2009. She is a member of AEGEE-Izmir and was the Financial Director and Secretary of the Board. Bahar has experience in organising and training at LTC’s regularly. She has a Master in Management of European Affairs and a Bachelor in International Relations and EU. In terms of the Eastern Partnership Project, Bahar is dreaming of succeeding in all the objectives which were defined at the beginning of the project, to have a positive impact on the network and to raise awareness.

Life motto: Take your passion, and make it happen!

Hobbies: Travelling a lot (which is AEGEE spirit), exploring new cultures, learning new languages, zumba.

Interesting fact: Bahar can do her best when she wants and if she has a good motivation.

Another member of Conflict Resolution pillar is Mariam Mskhalaia, member of AEGEE-Tbilisi since 2010. Mariam was HR manager and Project manager in the board and organised a lot of local projects: a SU, an RTC, the Employement Action Day, LTC’s, Cultural Action day, etc. At the moment Mariam is preparing the NWM “Light, Camera, Action” and takes care of its FR. She’s also getting a Bachelor in Western European Studies. What is important for Mariam in the project is that the project will be successful and effective and involv as many people as possible with high benefits.

Life motto: Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.
Our body is our garden, and will is its gardener.

Hobbies: Loves to study new and very different things. Always in this kind of process.

Interesting fact: Mariam believes that she can understand every kind of people, maybe even better than anyone else.

Nasrin Suleymanli is a member of AEGEE-Baku and the Human Rights WG coordinator. Nasrin has got a MA in International Relations. As a member of the Conflict Resolution pillar of the Eastern Partnership Project she aims to get the best results possible.

Life motto: A world without war.

Hobby: research.

Interesting fact: Nasrin can do anything when everybody else hesitates to do it.

Ziya Magsud is a new member of Conflict Resolution pillar, but quite an experienced one. He is a member of AEGEE-Ankara since 2008 and was the Thematic Responsible of the SU “EuropIONIA”, a Social Events Responsible, SuperSubcommie of the Network Commission, member of the Logistics Team during AEGEE-Ankara LTC 2, HR Responsible, and Speaker of the DanceWG. Ziya is the creator of the idea of organising “Shake the Planet!®”, a traditional Summer University, organiser and dance instructor during the SU “Hearthbeat in Sicily: Dance, Nature and SUn” and a member of the CWG. Now Ziya is studying at the Middle East Technical University in his 4th year. As a ciziten of Azerbaijan, he would like to work on the integration of Azerbaijanian youth to Europe since there are lots of young people who think in an old-fashioned way and cannot see opportunities offered by Eastern Partnership.

Life motto: Bombing for peace is like f***ing for virginity.

Hobby: Dancing is my life.

Interesting fact: Ziya can do anything better that other people if he puts his heart and his mind to it.

As you see, these very dedicated people are fighting for their dreams! If you wonder what the aims of the other members of the Eastern Partnership Project are, you will be reading about it in our next article.

Written by Daryna Skryl, AEGEE-Dnipropetrovsk

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