Saakashvili vs. Poroshenko: an overemphasized Showdown

Recently, dramatic images went around the world and world wide web with thousands of Ukrainians protesting in Kyiv once again and opposition leader Michael Saakashvili being arrested, but escaping custody with the help of his supporters. Here, as sum up in brief:   The Drama of Saakashvili Michael Saakashvili is currently stateless, but plays an important role in the politics… Read more →

Is Georgia still a safe haven for Azerbaijani dissidents?

Europe views Azerbaijan as a strategically important partner, because of its vast energy resources and critical location. The EU lacks leverages when it comes to Azerbaijan, this is the main reason why the EU is not too demanding and is sustaining Azerbaijan’s authoritarian stability. While the Azerbaijani government publicly embraces its international human rights obligations and regularly promotes itself within… Read more →

Closer look at a Hay Power- AEGEE Yerevan Network Meeting

From 4 th to 7 th of May AEGEE Yerevan hosted the Network Meeting: Hay Power. It consisted of three days of intense trainings and sessions, where the AEGEE identity, its focus areas, the state and future of AEGEE, role of the Netcom and many other topics were actively discussed. Participants also found time to visit some of the sights… Read more →

EU assistance to Georgia is increasing!!

The disbursement decided today is part of the EU’s long-standing support to Georgia and its citizens. On the back of successful completion of critical reform commitments and improved stability, but at a time when our partner continues to face a challenging balance-of-payments and fiscal situation, the EU’s assistance will help alleviate Georgia’s short-term financing needs.   It will also support… Read more →

Interview with Tarlev Vasile from AEGEE-CHISINAU

Did you ever wonder where Chisinau is, in which country it is and how its relations with the EU are? We asked to Tarlev Vasile of AEGEE-CHISINAU to know more about their country!!   -How would you describe the democratic progress in your country? (independent press, rule of law, rights of minorities) +EU-Moldova relations have deepened as a result of… Read more →

Crackdown in Belarus, the EU at Splitting Pathways

Months long protests lead to escalation In the EaP March report on the situation in Belarus, the high tensions and widespread dissatisfaction in the general population of Belarus was pointed out. Since then the situation grew more complicated and explosive, culminating in the internationally reported Freedom Day protest on March, 25th. Those gatherings, happening not only in Minsk but all… Read more →

Europe opens up to the Ukrainian youth

On Thursday, 6th of April 2017 the European Parliament approved the Ukraine visa waiver, allowing citizens of Ukraine, who fulfill certain standard criteria noted in the Schengen Border Code, to enter the Schengen countries for a short term visit of maximum 90 days for every 180 days period. The liberalisation is on track to enter into force already in june… Read more →

An interview with AEGEE-Tbilisi

Did you ever wonder where Tbilisi is, in which country it is and how its relations with the EU are? We asked the Vice-President of AEGEE-Tbilisi, Maryam Mumladze!   How would you describe the democratic progress in your country? (independent press, rule of law, rights of minorities) As Georgia is the developing country, a lot of changes happens in a… Read more →

Between the EAEU and the EU

36% out of 1145 Armenians perceive the EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union – comprising Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia) a more preferable path of integration for Armenia, whereas 27,2% support the EU and 21,7% argue that Armenia should not take part at the integration process. This was the outcome of an opinion poll conducted by the Armenian representation of the… Read more →

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