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AGORA YEREVAN 2020: The last station of a ‘Dream Express’

AEGEE-Yerevan made history in 2018 by hosting the European Planning meeting of AEGEE-Europe. It was AEGEE’s first ever statutory event hosted in the South Caucasus region. One year after the huge success, AEGEE-Yerevan team didn’t stop. They wanted to arrive at the last station of the AEGEE-Europe’s ‘Dream Express’ and bring Agora to Yerevan. And they did it. It is… Read more →

Presentation of results of the 1st part of the project at Agora Zaragosa

Ten days ago a regular statutory meeting, general assembly of AEGEE called Agora finished in Spain, sunny city Zaragosa. Representatives of locals, working groups, projects and CD are gathering together in order to plan future activities, improve procedures within organization, etc. For AEGEE Eastern Partnership Project team this Agora will be very memorable. First of all, because during project reports… Read more →

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