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A GROWING PROBLEM: Drug Abuse in Russia

 For most of the people in the world, it is common that Russia has a significant problem about alcoholism. According to a research, there are 2.2 million alcoholics, 700.000 alcohol related-deaths, 160.000 diagnosed with psychosis. Drug abuse is nearly same level with alcoholism. It is a growing problem for Russia. National Institute on Drug Abuse says that “some researches estimate… Read more →

EaP Content Package

EaP Content Package You’ve heard of Eastern Partnership Programme. Yet, you are not sure what it is all about? Don’t worry. We prepared a special Content Package explaining: * what #EaP is * information about our AEGEE project * brief profiles of all EaP countries (#Armenia, #Azerbaijan, #Belarus,#Georgia, #Moldova, #Ukraine) * and more One click and boost your knowledge! http://issuu.com/mertcanyilmaz/docs/contentpackage/1 Read more →

Eastern Partnership Project welcomes the new EU-EaP priorities expressed by the European Parliament

On Wednesday 12 March 2014, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on assessing and setting priorities for EU relations with the Eastern Partnership countries (2013/2149(INI)). The Eastern Partnership Project of AEGEE-Europewarmly welcomes and supports this resolution. Regarding points 5, 13, 15, 43 on the role of youth, education and civil society exchanges, the Eastern Partnership Project of AEGEE-Europe would like to… Read more →

How to Finish a Revolution: Civil Society and Democracy in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

We would like to present to your attention the article by Orysia Lutsevych regarding civil society development and politics in the Eastern Partnership countries. Summary points are: Civil society in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine remains weak as citizens have little capacity to influence political developments owing to lack of engagement, clientelist networks and corruption. Western-funded NGOs form an ‘NGO-cracy’, where… Read more →

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