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New working life in Georgia!

Hello Benny, first of all thank you very much for taking your time and your effort for this interview. We would first start with with your personal information: Who are you? Where are you from and what are you doing? I am Benni from Aachen, longterm member of AEGEE and former german language teacher. Now I live in Tbilisi, Georgia,… Read more →


Interview with Gocha from the International Youth Association for Training and Inter-employment Programs Dear Gocha, first of all thank you very much for taking your time and giving this interview. We appreciate it a lot. We would go straight ahead with the questions: Please, first introduce yourself. Who are you? I’m Gocha Goguadze-Chairman of International Youth Association for Training and… Read more →

Is Georgia still a safe haven for Azerbaijani dissidents?

Europe views Azerbaijan as a strategically important partner, because of its vast energy resources and critical location. The EU lacks leverages when it comes to Azerbaijan, this is the main reason why the EU is not too demanding and is sustaining Azerbaijan’s authoritarian stability. While the Azerbaijani government publicly embraces its international human rights obligations and regularly promotes itself within… Read more →

EU assistance to Georgia is increasing!!

The disbursement decided today is part of the EU’s long-standing support to Georgia and its citizens. On the back of successful completion of critical reform commitments and improved stability, but at a time when our partner continues to face a challenging balance-of-payments and fiscal situation, the EU’s assistance will help alleviate Georgia’s short-term financing needs.   It will also support… Read more →

6 000 000th lucky tourist

Georgia prepared a special surprise for the 6 millionth tourist who entered the country in 2016. Jesper Black is a young journalist from the Netherlands, who loves to travel and to capture his journey across the world. He found out about Georgia, when he was active in an international student organization and showed students from abroad around. Ninutsa from Georgia… Read more →

EU grants visa free travel to Georgia

“Congratulations! This is a truly Historic Day! Thank you, EU Parliament for granting visa free travel to citizens of Georgia!”, was twittered by the Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikashvili regarding the decision on Georgia’s visa liberalization. On 2nd of February the European Parliament adopted the proposal on visa liberalization for Georgia, which will enable biometric passport holders to enter… Read more →

Human Rights Watch on Georgia

The parliamentary elections in October, the unlimited access of the state´s security service to telecom operators´ networks, the lacking accountability of law enforcement officials committing abuses and the restriction of the freedom of media as well as of LGBT rights were emphasized in the 2017 World Report by Human Rights Watch. Although the report categorizes the parliamentary elections as competitive… Read more →

Georgia´s European choice

On 2nd of December 2016 the European Union and Georgia held the 3rd meeting of the Association Council. During the meeting a broad spectrum of topics was discussed. In general both sides perceived Georgia´s European aspiration as well as its continuing objective to create a democratic, stable and prosperous country and reaffirmed their commitment to Georgia’s political and economic integration… Read more →

Georgia – one of Europe’s least corrupt nations

On the 16th of November Transparency International released the survey „People and Corruption: Europe and Central Asia 2016“. The survey aims at determining the public perception of corruption and what actions are considered to be effective in order to address it. Transparency International questioned 60,000 citizens in 42 European and Central Asian countries about their daily life experiences with corruption.… Read more →

Elections in Georgia

On Saturday, the 8th October 2016, parliamentary elections were held in Georgia. The ruling party Georgian Dream has cemented its grip on the former Soviet state. The party is supported by former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili and received 48.6% of the vote in the proportional representation race. The opposing party, United National Movement (UNM), supported by ex-president Mikhail Saakashvili, received… Read more →

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