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Promoting intercultural dialogue in Ukraine

Dear Iryna, thank you very much for taking your time to reply to some of our questions. We really appreciate it. First please introduce yourself: Who are you, What are you doing and where are you active in? I am Iryna Gorlach, GoCamp project manager in GoGlobal initiative by Global Office. Since Revolution of Dignity in 2014 I have been… Read more →

Is Ukraine is too great to need the drug of populism?

Soon, Armenians will celebrate the one year anniversary of the Velvet Revolution in their country, where the populism played a key role. This year another Eastern Partnership country, Ukraine, will face a difficult dilemma of populism in the choice of their new president. Soon, Armenians will celebrate the one year anniversary of the Velvet Revolution in their country, where the… Read more →

Europe opens up to the Ukrainian youth

On Thursday, 6th of April 2017 the European Parliament approved the Ukraine visa waiver, allowing citizens of Ukraine, who fulfill certain standard criteria noted in the Schengen Border Code, to enter the Schengen countries for a short term visit of maximum 90 days for every 180 days period. The liberalisation is on track to enter into force already in june… Read more →

Can EU act upon Ukraine’s « Alternative Peace » ?

Although the conflict disappeared more and more from the Western media, the fight hadn’t really stopped since the ceasefire decided in Minsk in February 2015, as illustrated by the OSCE which reports it has been violated thousands of times. However, 10 days ago, the low-level fighting unexpectedly escalated on the Eastern border of Ukraine bringing the hope to reach peace… Read more →

About Money and Christmas

Mostly unnoticed by western European media, the government of Ukraine did a historic move last month: the nationalization of the biggest bank of Ukraine, Privatbank. The bank was owned primarily by Ihor Kolomoyskyi, oligarch and former governor of the Dnipro oblast (ukr. region), and had accumulated debts of appr. 5 million USD (148 million UAH) by 01.12.16. Faced with the… Read more →

Ukraine’s stance against global populism

It is just over two and a half years that President Poroshenko is in office, half of his first term to put it differently. During this time, Ukraine has seen war and economical recession unfolding and has been threatened in many ways. But as the war in the east is raging on at a minimum level and the economy is… Read more →

The Battle against Corruption

It’s showtime in Ukraine. Until the 30th of October approximately 50000 state employees most notably including the highest ranking politicians had to file their first declaration of income and possessions. Resistance was voiced and attempts of passing legislation against those anti corruption measurements have been made till the very end of the deadline, but without success. Now in effect, the… Read more →

Russia Signs Treaty With Georgia’s Breakaway South Ossetia Region

Putin and the de facto leader of South Ossetia, Leonid Tibilov, signed the “alliance and integration treaty” in the Kremli on March 18. Part of the treaty gives Russia responsibility for ensuring the defense and security of South Ossetia, including guarding its borders. After signing the treaty Putin in conversation with Tibilov mentioned that 1 billion rubles will be allocated in 2016 for the… Read more →

The Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine

The parliamentary elections on following Sunday, October 26, President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk have held preliminary power-sharing talks. It’s been decided to form a coalition and build a new government as fast as possible. Even though not all the votes have been counted yet, the pro-Europe forces can hail a victory. According to early figures from the… Read more →

Marta Wnuk at the Model United Nations Kraków 2014

With pleasure we present an impressive opening speech that our friend Marta Wnuk gave at AEGEE’s Model United Nations Kraków 2014. She acted as an expert in the EU-Russia relations therefore her performance focused mainly on the current situation in Ukraine. Enjoy! — Dear honourable guests, “We have a sick man on our hands, a man gravely ill, it will… Read more →

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