Timon Mario Aydin Turban
Project Manager
AEGEE-Düsseldorf / Aachen

“I was born in Düsseldorf, worked in different orgnaisations regarding international exchange and cooperation. I was active in orgnaisations such as BEST, ESN, AEGEE etc. and currently active in different initiatives for the EaP and the global cooperation.

Anya Radul
Content Manager
AEGEE Rostov-na-Donu

“I am a Language teacher from the south of Russia and an AEGEE member since 2013. I joined the project because I wanted to try myself in an international project inside AEGEE and I could relate to the topics in focus of EaP+. Also cause I liked the people inside the team. For me it represents diversity and going beyond the borders of EU, which is very important for AEGEE in my viewpoint.”

Viktorya Muradyan
PR & Communication Manager

” I am an MA student in Management and Communication working for a French industrial company. I have been working with AEGEE since 2015, first as an organizer of the Armenian Model European Union, then as the Financial and Fundraising Director of AEGEE-Yerevan and EPM Yerevan 2018. Currently I am working at the AEGEEan Magazine and the EaP+ project.”

Shakira Rompf
HR Manager

“I joined EaP+ in December 2017 and that was my first step into the European Level of AEGEE. An exchange between my Local and AEGEE-Kyiv encouraged me to apply as a project member. Back then, EaP+ was about to start from scratch and so I was very fast included in this amazing project. Since December 2018, I’m the manager of the HR team. The Eastern Partnership Project+ makes me think outside the box and encourages me to go beyond my comfort zone. One of the personal highlights in my AEGEE “career” so far was the EPM Yerevan, where EaP+ was highly involved in the content creation and where I facilitated my first workshop on behalf of an European Body. I couldn’t be more thankful for this opportunity and the amazing team I’m working with!”

Iga Strzałka
Content Team Member

“I am 22 years old and I am a member of AEGEE-Kraków. I study Russian Philology on Jagiellonian University in Kraków. I’m interested in culture of post-soviet countries.”

Meyer Marcello
Content Team Member

“I am studying Economics in Dresden. I joined AEGEE in Agora Krakow and started to work on European level with ERWG. I am now on my second term of ERWG, working actively in EaP+, Trainer (TNT) and MIGR.”

Johannes Merseburg
Content Team Member


“I am the President of AEGEE-Kaiserslautern and a mechanical engineer.”

Rosa Mennillo
Content Team Member

“I have been an AEGEE member for almost 4 years. I have been part of the local board for 2 years and half a year as a Secretary. I am a member of the Core Team of AGORA – Salerno. I study Language education, specializing in Russian and English. I have been part of EaP+ project for just one year. I have always been in love with the Eastern European countries and cultures which belonged to USSR. This project made me discover how many things we have in common with these countries, even if in the Western part of Europe we have always considered them different.”

Ali Tazegül
HR Team Member

“I am Ali Tazegül from AEGEE ESKİŞEHİR/Turkey. I am 20 years old. I study English learning and teaching at Anadolu University. If I had to describe myself with only three words I would say I am social, sporty, open minded person. My life motto is Love yourself, Live Free and Travel the World.”

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