Knowledge File AEGEE Mail - Mailing Lists Management

A detailed ToDo list


AEGEE was one of the first NGOs who conquered the internet, now it is a bit behind being the leader. Here is described what needs to be done in order to bring AEGEE forward. Suggestions for more items are welcomed.

Better user support

Without the users, all the investments made are useless. Still, providing a service does not mean that it is used in the most suitable way. On the one side the users do not know at all what they need, on the other they don't know where to find the information. We need

General Communication

In AEGEE we use mail, and mailing lists. Those are good, not but enough. We need:

Enhancements for the mail

The opportunity to send a mail to an address, and to receive such mails is far not enough to convince the members to use this service. At the same time, when members gives out as his/her contact an address, ending with, s/he will promote aegee. In order to attract more people to use the service of the aliases, and therefore promote indirectly aegee, we need:

Enhancements for the mailing lists


Written in Mai 2007 by Дилян Палаузов, released in June.