listserv-monitor: Module Description and Mailing Timeline


The Modules

Module NameRemarkModule Description
change_logEnsures that Changelog = Yes and there is nothing after Yes
confidential_no_subscription_by_ownerloAlarms when Confidential = No and Subscription = By_Owner
confidential_no_subscription_closedloAlarms when Confidetial = No and Subscription = Closed
content_filterFor lists with Send = Public not followed by Non-Member, and no Moderator is installed, throws alarm, if the first rule in the active CONTENT_FILTER template is not REJECT, or there is no active CONTENT_FILTER at all.
exitExit = MAILING_LISTS_SIEVE is used in all lists.
last_postingsni loInforms the listowners, that the list wasn't used in the last six months.
notebookChecks that one of Notebook = No or Notebook = Yes, /listserv/home/listname, Monthly is set.
notebook_headerMakes sure that Notebook-Header = Full
reviewAlarms if Review = Public
script_uploadniUploads the Sieve scripts for the list
send_public_ack_yes(lo - in the future)Alarms if Send = Public and Send != Non-Member and Ack = Yes
send_public(lo - in the future)Send = (only) Public and no moderator is set. (probably useless module)
send_public_confidential_no(lo - in the future)Alarms if Send = Public, but not Non-Member and Confidential = No
send_public_confrim_nomoderatorIf Send = Public, Non-Member, Confirm and no Moderator is set (leads to bouncing emails).
sub_listsMakes sure that all lists mentioned in Sub-lists do exist.
subscriptionAlarms if Subscription= does not has By_Owner, Closed or Open as value.
subscription_open_review_privatedeFires alarm when Subscription = Open and Review = Private
unusedni (lo - in the future)Reports if the list was never actively used.
validateValidate = All, Confirm is used on all lists.
valid_emailsChecks if the emails in the keywords Configuration-Owner, Editor, Errors-To, Moderator, Owner, Review, Send are all valid (=match a regular expression g_regex_new("^[-.\\w+%]+@[-.\\w]+$", G_REGEX_RAW | G_REGEX_OPTIMIZE, 0, NULL);).
web_archivesNotebook != No and the file /home/listserv/public_html/listname/listname.private does exist.

Written in February 2010 by Дилян Палаузов.