Which email goes where?


Here is described the intention of the lists aegee-agora-l, aegee-all-l, aegee-event-l, aegee-l, boardinf-l, commissions-l, wg-speakers-l and prescribed which mail shall go to which list. The purpose is to reduce the amount of same mails, send to several lists (cross-posting). The information here is not optional, but a must. If course one can decide to post his/her email to less recipients, than mentioned here. In case of doubts where to post, write to mail (at) aegee.org.


Aegee-Agora-l is used to connect the participants for the upcoming Agora/EBM and to ease the communication among them. Related topics for the list are: At most one email per pre/post event is permitted to this list. No other events are announced here.


Mails sent to Aegee-all-l go to the members of aegee-l, aegee-event-l, aegee-su-l and aegee-agora-l. If people are subscribed to more than one of this lists, they get the message only once.

If a mail is appropriate for two of the above mentioned lists, the message is sent once over aegee-all-l. The Secretary General needs to be notified after the mail was sent to aegee-all-l, as s/he has to approve the distribution. Topics for the list are:

No open calls.


Formely known as aegee-announce-l, this list is the only place to announce events on the herementioned mailing lists. Moreover, information about Summer Universities goes to aegee-su-l.


Everything that is not covered by the other lists, comes here. But talks about international policy are for ipwg-l and event announcements go to aegee-event-l.


Boardinf-L is used to contact the boards. Thus the purpose of this list is to distribute information only relevant for all the boards, including: This information has no place on other lists. Mails to this list are sent by the Secretary General.

Mails of interest only for working groups or commissions are sent to wg-speakers-l and commissions-l.

To subscribe to this list, put a tick in your primary entry in the Aegee Address Book. See lists.aegee.org/boardinf-l.html for details.


Writing a mail to commission-l is the same as posting it to chair-l, audit-l, juridical-l, network-commission-l and memcom-l.

Write to this list when you want to contact all commissions with one email. And more concrete


Writing a mail to that list is the same as posting it to academy-board-l, cwg-board-l, bobigosa-board-l, dwg-board-l, environment-board-l, ipwg-board-l, hrwg-board-l, prwg-board-l, ewg-board-l, visa-board-l. The members of itwg-board-l are added manually to the list as well.

Write to this list when you want to contact all working groups with one email. And more concrete:

Written in April 2007 by Дилян Палаузов