The AEGEE Listowner

The AEGEE listowner helps people subscribe and sign off from mailing lists, ensures nice working atmosphere and brings the discussions in a constructive direction. The AEGEE listowner applies the policies of the mailing lists, and updates them when necessary. updates the rules -- the aegee listowner is ... -- lists AEGEE-L, AEGEE-AGORA-L, AEGEE-EVENT-L,


Topic: News from the AEGEE network;
Subscription: Open. Membership in aegee-l implies subscription to announce-l;
Postings by: list members only.
Size Limit: 100kb per mail

Historical Background

ds, only the html-part and reply-to may be left empty. Ideally provide a way to specify the charset for the text part, or recognize it based on the sent web-page, do iconv on it to utf-8; incorporate the character entities tool here and sent the mail composed in this way.
Written in December 2009 by Дилян Палаузов