How to make new lists in the domain

AS OF 2019 use to Create Mailing Lists.


This page informs how to get a new list in the domain.


Make sure that the list you want to create has not existed in the past, but is now deleted.

A list of deleted lists can be found at

In this case request list-undeletion, instead of new list creation.

Requesting new list

A new list is requesting by sending a mail to , mentioning at least the desired name, approximate amount of the subscribers, and who shall post. Every list is different, to make the next new list unique think about: Send the answers of this questions to It takes 24 hours in average until the list is created.

After the list is created

Once the list is created, the one who made the request will be subscribed to it. Go to[yourlist]-l.html to manage it. For this purpose a listserv password needs to be associated with the emaila address used to manage the list. This password exist independantly from your account, and the password for your mailbox. A new password can be retrieved from

Describe the purpose of the mailing list and send it to every person who subscribes to the list. To achieve this, go to[yourlist]-l.html -> List management -> Customization -> Mail Templates -> [Select Template] Welcome message.

When the introduction is ready subscribers can be added from[yourlist]-l.html -> List Managment -> Subscriber Management.

To remove subscribers visit[yourlist]-l.html -> List Management -> List Reports -> Subscriber Report.

A detailed listserv manual can be found at Especially,

This page is created in April 2007 by Дилян Палаузов