Subscriber's life


This page is intended to provide information about the most common questions subscribers to AEGEE mailing lists have. If something is not mentioned, or unclear, this page will be amended. Just drop a line to mail(->) .

The Listserv Password

Doing any change on a subscribtion requires a listserv password. It exists independent from the password used to open your mailbox. For obtaining a new listserv password, visit and type the e-mail you are subscribed with. Once the process is started a confirmation mail will be sent to you, which has to be "clicked" in order to complete the procedure.


In General

Go to, log in with your listserv password. Then click in the top of the page on "Subscriber's Corner". put ticks in fron of the lists you want to leave. Choose "Unsubscribe" from the blue line, and "Submit".

From Boardinf-l

See for instructions.

From aegee_org-L

AEGEE_ORG-L cannot be left, if a person has an account, s/he is included in aegee_org-L. No mails are sent over this list.

From Listowners-l

Listowners-L cannot be left. Every night all e-mail addresses, used to manage a aegee mailing lists, are added to listonwers-l. Once a listowner disappears as such from all lists, his/her e-mail is removed automatically from listowners-l.
Written in April 2007 by Дилян Палаузов