Here are described some properties of the mailboxes hosted on

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Password Changes

The password expires every three months after its last change. It can be changed any time from There are no notifications announcing upcoming password expiration, except after changes of staff.

Server-side Filtering

Incoming emails are filtered on arrival. The filter logic is defined by using the Sieve language. The Sieve scripts can be modified using the ManageSieve protocol on server In the RoundCube webmailer the scripts are accessible from Settings → Filters.


There are two scripts. One is called default.siv and is executed during the SMTP dialog. Its purpose is to reject unwanted messages. The other is the “active” script. The latter can put the new email in the correct folder, mark it as read, send vacation/out-of-office messages, etc.

Spam Handling

When the server evaluates an email with very high probability as Spam, the email is rejected (returned to the sender). To get better on spam handling the server needs to be trained. By moving an email to the Spam folder, the server learns the email as spam and similar emails in the future will also be evaluated as spam. This training affects all email addresses on the server, not only the user who moved the email. To revert the learing process, if the mail was moved by accident to the Spam folder, move the email from the Spam to the Not-Spam folder. Once the email stays there for a minute, it can be moved to any other folder. The results of the spam evaluation of each email are put in the X-AEGEE-Spam-Level header with plus-signs, e.g. X-AEGEE-Spam-Level: ++++. The more pluses, the higher the spam probability. The pluses are read by the Sieve scripts.

The server does not deliver emails to the Spam folder.


As of December 2022 the software behind is called Horde/IMP. Another webmailer at uses software called RoundCube. The Horde/IMP software will be phased out at the beginning of 2023 and then will run Roundcube. The reason is that Horde/IMP does not work with recent versions of PHP.

Roundcube does show currently under Contacts the AEGEE Bodies from twice. Once from the LDAP server, once from the CardDAV server

Messages marked as Spam within Roundcube are moved to the Spam folder. Messages from the Spam folder, marked as “Not Spam” are moved to the Not-Spam folder. These moves train the anti-spam software for the future on similar emails.

Roundcube shows a green/red lock, if the email reached the mailbox over a secured connection from the sending email provider. For emails delivered from mailing lists at the red lock colour does not imply anything.

CalDAV and CardDAV without Authentication

CalDAV and CardDAV are protocols for managing events, tasks and contacts. supports these protocols and offers integration of contacts between Roundcube and other applications.

The integration of the AEGEE Calendar of Events and Bodies in Thunderbird, Apple, Evolution without authentication is described at and (contacts only)

CalDAV and CardDAV - integration in Thunderbird with Authentication

The personal CardDAV address book is integrated in RoundCube. There are three ways to add the personal CardDAV address book in Thunderbird 102:

Now contacts between Thunderbird and RoundCube will be synchronized.

Contact and events synchronization can be done also with other clients like Evolution or Apple. For the latter use as server

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