Configure KMail to send mail from your address

KMail before 1.8, which comes with KDE 3.4, does not work with SMTP Authentication, see

  1. From the Settings menu choose Configure KMail
  2. In the left panel go to (a) Identities, choose the (b) Default one and click to (c) Modify... it.
  3. As Email address type (a) your alias. E.g. if your account is Ivan Vasov, then enter .
    . (b) Push the OK button.
  4. Back in the Configure - KMail windows, click Accounts, the Sending tab and finally the Add... button.
  5. In the Add Transport - KMail window, select SMTP.
  6. Under the General tab, type as Name AEGEE SMTP, for Host, for Port 465, check Server requires authentication. As Login fill your account, followed by, and including the spaces. E.g. if your account is Ivan Vasov, enter Ivan and your password. Optionally select Store SMTP password. Go to the Security tab.
  7. In the (a) Security tab, check (b) SSL and (c) PLAIN. Don't close the window, but select (d)Check What the server supports.
  8. Now we will install the certificate. In the first dialog Click on continue, in the second one - Forever.
  9. Back to the Configure - KMail window, mark AEGEE SMTP and push Set Default.