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4 Installation and Configuration

liblistserv can be installed via the usual ./configure && make install paradigm.

The templates from sieve.mailtpl are needed if you need to use listserv_getsieve_scripts . Append sieve.mailtpl to site.mailtpl. For details, See listserv_getsieve_scripts.

You have the possibility to store the connection parameters between your programme and listserv a file, instead of providing them as parameter in listserv_init. The configuration file is ~/.liblistserv , or if not found, ${sysconfdir}/liblistserv.conf . ${sysconfdir} is specified at `./configure' with --sysconfdir and is usually /etc or /usr/local/etc .

The configuration file consists of a single line with two or three words. The first word is the email address, that will be used to connect to listserv. The second word is the corresponding password. Listservs permits over the webinterface mixed-cases passwords, but it seems that over the TCPGUI interface only big-case passwords function. The third, optional parameter is the host and port where listserv runs, in the format host:port . 2306 is assumed for the port, when not provided. If post:host is missed, localhost:2306 is assumed. The newline at the end of the line is optional.

Example configuration file /root/.liblistserv MYPASSWORD