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9.9 listserv_getlist_keyword

— Function: char** listserv_getlist_keyword (sturct listserv *l, const char *listname, const char *keyword);

Parses the headers of listname, and returns a NULL-terminated array with the values of keyword. Each element in the array is the consequent value of keyword.

To get the list title, use Title as keyword.

The value of SizeLim is always converted to bytes. When Sizelim is specified in lines, the returned value of listserv_getlist_keyword is SizeLim multiplied by 80.

When Subscription is "By Owner" (outdated form of By_Owner), listserv reports "By" as value and ignores the subsequent values.

If keyword is not presented in the list configuration, the default values are returned. There is no way to determine whether keyword is missing in the list configuration, or it is set to its default value.

When keyword is unknown (not documented), the returned value is {"Unknown keyword", NULL}.

          Sizelim is      returned value
          100             {"8000", NULL}
          100K            {"102400", NULL}
          10M             {"10485760", NULL}