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8.3 struct listserv_content_filter

struct listserv_content_filter is the result of parsing the CONTENT_FILTER mail template.

     enum listserv_content_filter_actions { REJECT = 'R', ALLOW = 'A',
     				       MODERATE = 'M', DISCARD = 'D'};
     struct listserv_content_filter {
       char* header; //contains 'Text', 'Header' or the concrete header-field
       char* value;  //the header-value, NULL if header shall be empty/not presented
       char *text;   //parameter of REJECT or DISCARD, optionally ""
       enum listserv_content_filter_actions action;  //'R' - reject, 'A' - allow, 'M' -  moderate, 'D' - discard