The idea of the AEGEE Mail Project is give a form of existance for all people involved in the management of the maildomain, including the mailing lists. More specific:


Surveys is a Limesurvey installation. Any AEGEE member can use it to run surveys. The result of the single performed survey are at

Statistics about Mailing Lists contains statistics about some mailing lists from The statics are updated on 1st of each month.

How does mail work in AEGEE?

Once you send a message to, your smpt server makes a lookup to the DNS server in Bratislava and afterwards the mail comes to the mailgate of University of Karlsruhe. Then it is forwarded to aegeeserv, our mail server, and proceeded by sendmail. Afterwards it is evaluated for viruses and spam. For every account created before August 2009, an alias is created. If coinsides with that alias, then the mail is sent to his/her e-mail address, given in the registration. If this is a mail for a mailing list, usually having the form, then listserv creates a copy for every subscriber in the mailing list and sends it back to sendmail. From there, as regular mail, the message is being sent to the smarthost of the University of Karlsruhe network and then to your firend's mailbox. accounts created after August 2009 do not get aliases.

More details for the internet mail is general can be read at

Hosted Mailboxes describes the features of the hosted mailboxes on

Mailing Lists

One of the main tasks of the server is to host the AEGEE mailing lists. An incomplete overview of the available lists is available at A mailing list is a mail multiplier: you send a mail to one e-mail address and it reaches the mailboxes of all the recipients that are interested in the lists' topic. They are especially useful for teamwork - regardless of being a project, a board or a regular member. The highly customizable options can make the lists suitable for every kind of e-mail communication you can imagine.

Additional information about our lists is available at More concrete it contains:


The hardware used is a DELL PowerEdge 2800 server, with Inter Xeon 2.8 GHz processor, 1MB Cache, 800 MHz FSB and EM64T Support, Intel 7520 chipset, integrated two channel Ultra 320 SCSI Controller, 2 GB Single Rank DDR2 Memory (4x512MB), 2x onboard 10/100/1000 MBit Ethernet Network card), integrated ATI Rage Radeon 7000-M Graphicalkard with 16MB SDRAM, 73GB SCSI Harddisk (10000 U/Min, Utrla 320, 1", 80PIN, S.M.A.R.T. II), ports: 1x serial, 1x parallel, 4x USB (2.0), 2x RJ45 Gigabit, IPMI V1.5 compliant MBC. All this magic, owned by AEGEE, is located in the University of Karlsruhe. The university covers the costs for electricity and internet traffic. Since 2006 there is a fee for the infrastructure.

We have made a photo session of the server.

Spam and Viruses

Mail coming to the mail server are checked for spam using clamav. If virus is detected the mail is rejected and goes back to the sender. Otherwise the mail is evaluated for spam using spamassassin and forwarded further. Mailing lists can be adjusted to reject mails evaluated as possible spam, the configuration process is described at For the other addresses the evaluated spam is forwarded to the final recipient. It cannot be stopped on aegeeserv, but the recipient can sort it based on the X-Spam-Level mail header.


Everything needs continious development to stay on the top. Luckily everybody is allowed to contribute. The big plans are listed at Choose your favourite item from them, write a short mail and start working on it. The list is incomplete - you can make suggestions for new items, or work on things that are not listed. Everybody is welcomed.


About us / Imprint

So far we are Christophe Berger, Sorin Vulcu and Дилян Палаузов. You can reach us per email at mail(at)
Do not use this address
Contact: Dilian Palauzov, tel. +49 911 1313 7989, +49 176 9265 6190.